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Reiki Level 2 – Feb. 9th


• February 9th, 2020
• Bonita Springs Location
• Led by Pam Bzoch – a Usui Reiki Master.
• Level 1 Reiki is a Pre-Requisite


Second Initiations of Reiki Healing Modality
Exchange for this class is $100

This Class and Attunement will be led by Pam Bzoch,
a Usui Reiki Master.

Pam received Reiki I, II, and III (Master Practitioner) attunements in England, receiving her Reiki III attunement in the inner circle of Stonehenge. Her Reiki treatments include the use of crystals which enhance the flow of the life force energy in the body, opening chakras, balancing meridians and bringing light and healing to the physical, emotional and spiritual body. She also leads meditation and ceremonial circles.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning spiritually guided life force energy,
it is the vital energy that flows through every living thing.
Reiki works holistically, addressing imbalances within the physical, mental and emotional aspects of an individual.
It is a gentle but powerful hands-on healing modality.

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The Mystical Moon Bonita Springs
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