Sage, crystals, candles – OH MY!

Plus a lot more!

The Mystical Moon Treasure Box is a monthly mystery box full of all things mystical and new age! Boxes can include all sorts of amazing products like: Candles, sage, incense, crystals, sprays, essential oils, card decks and more!

Moon Treasure Box

Your Moon Treasure Box will arrive each month with an assortment of treasures and mystical products that will aid in tuning and energizing your body, mind and spirit!

Some boxes may have a theme – like Love, Money or Balance. Or we may just pick out our favorite products of the month! No matter what you can count on 6-8 high quality, relevant products to help you on your spiritual journey.

It is time to pamper your soul! 🙌

At just $29.99/mo you will save more than 20% off retail! 👉 Sign up today!


Just want to receive crystals? 👇 Keep scrolling for our Crystals Treasure Box!

Moon Crystals Treasure Box

Crystals only Treasure Box! Your monthly Crystal Mystery box will come with an assortment of 7 hand picked crystals, a sage wand or palo santo stick every month!


You will also receive a list of properties for each crystal you receive and how to incorporate their energy into your daily life and spiritual journey. 🌟


Adorn your spirit with beautiful crystals delivered right to your door! 😍


At only $15.99 you will save almost 50% off retail value! 😎


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